The item I love is gone! Will I be able to buy it next time?

Maybe! Each item is handmade, so even if it pops back up on the website, it won't be the exact same if you see it again.

Sometimes people cancel their order before it dispatches. In that case, I usually put up a story about the item, make it available on the website and you can have another try.

I love hearing about your favourite items and ideas. You are all so imaginative! Just let me know using the Contact form and I'll see if I can make it x

How are mamools ceramics made?

My ceramics all go through a lengthy process that can take up to a month per piece. They are all fired twice in the kiln: first they're hand-moulded from raw clay, dried for a week, then bisque fired just below 1000 degrees celsius. The bisque firing removes all the moisture in the clay. Next, they're handpainted with underglaze and then covered in a clear-gloss glaze which seals the clay and makes it food-safe. Then it goes into the kiln for the final time and comes out all finished!

How do I care for my items?

The nature of ceramics is fragile, so please be careful when handling them. Bumping them or general carelessness can lead to chips, cracks and breakages. For all jewellery holders, please try to place your jewellery down carefully.

Food-safe products

These instructions are for the food-safe, stoneware products only.
All mugs and similar kitchenware items are food-safe, microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. I suggest handwashing them in warm soapy water with a soft sponge. Occasional deep cleans in the dishwasher are totally fine!

Read below for more information about clays.

What clay do you use?

I use Keane midfire clay.

When fired, the clay goes through a process called vitrification. This makes the clay safe for use.

Do you take commissions?

Yes, but it depends on how busy it gets. Send me a message on Instagram and I'll try to get back to you.

Also, if you leave ideas in the comment sections on social media, I might see it and make it for fun anyway :)

Do you have sale/discounted items?

Yes. Sometimes, you can find these items on the website at a lower cost than other similar items. They can be damaged or faulty in some way - so please read the description carefully before you purchase.

What's the return/exchange policy?