Hello there! I'm Anna and everything on mamool's is handmade by me.

I like to make every piece different and special in its own way, so anything you choose will be uniquely yours.

My ceramics all go through a lengthy process that can take up to a month per piece. They are all fired twice in the kiln: first they're hand-moulded from raw clay, dried for a week, then bisque fired. The bisque firing removes all the moistures in the clay and prepares it for the next firing which is at a higher temperature. They're handpainted with underglaze and then covered in a clear-gloss glaze which seals the clay and makes it food-safe when fired for the final time.

Each item goes through its own creative journey to become the final piece that you'll take home with you.

All the ceramics on mamool's are designed to be functional art to make your home more cosy, loving and YOU.

I truly hope that these cute ceramics add joy to your life like they have to mine.

- Anna xx